Expandable Conveyor

An expandable conveyor is a versatile and efficient investment, providing flexibility in material transfers. This Flexi belt conveyor enables seamless movement of goods, either as a standalone unit or in conjunction with others. Its mobility allows easy relocation and convenient storage when not in use. With the ability to fold and expand, this conveyor offers versatility for on-demand use and efficient storage. Commonly used for non-palletized unloading operations, expandable conveyors are a practical solution for adapting to changing material handling needs.

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General Details

An expandable conveyor is an efficient investment in your space that allows you to transform your transfers as you see fit. This Flexi belt conveyor allows your team to consistently and easily transport your goods along this conveyor in a stand-alone fashion or in conjunction with another. The mobility of this conveyor enables it to be moved around your area as you require and stashed when it is not in use. Its ability to fold and expand gives it the versatility and convenience to be utilized when you need it and folded or rolled together to be put in an area out of the way until it is required again for transport. Expandable conveyors are also frequently extended into a trailer for non-palletized unloading operations.

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