Keystone Pallet Racking

Discover the durability of Keystone Pallet Racking, also known as Republic Racking, a prevalent choice in the world of pallet racks. Recognizable by its distinctive keystone-like holes in the uprights, Keystone racks are available in various heights, customizable up to 16 feet, to meet your warehouse specifications. This robust solution offers a Z-design in the uprights, ensuring lateral support and preventing shifts in the racking structure, especially under heavy loads. Make a sound decision for sturdy and reliable pallet racking with Keystone, tailored to your specific warehouse needs for optimal efficiency and safety.

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General Details

Unlocking the Strengths of Keystone Pallet Rack Systems

In the realm of industrial storage solutions, the Keystone pallet rack, sometimes known as the Republic Rack, stands out for its distinctive design and robust functionality. The nomenclature is derived from the unique shape of the holes in its uprights, setting it apart in the warehouse landscape.

Key Features of Keystone

  • Square-Topped Beam Clip Hooks: Unlike their round-topped counterparts, the beam clip hooks in Keystone boast square tops, providing an extra layer of strength and safety. This feature enhances the overall durability of the system.
  • Solid Corner Columns: The Keystone system adopts solid corners in its columns, strategically placing Keystone clips in low-stress areas. This design choice results in a pallet rack that can bear a substantial load capacity, making it an ideal choice for companies with demanding storage needs.
  • U-Shaped Braces in Z-Pattern: Adding an extra layer of strength, Keystone pallet racks incorporate U-shaped braces in a Z-pattern. This not only reinforces the structure but also minimizes stress on the pallet system, contributing to injury prevention and protecting products from potential damage due to torn metal.

Versatility and Endurance

Keystone , once a commonplace solution, continues to hold its ground in the industry. Whether your company is currently utilizing a Keystone/Republic system or you prioritize a strong strength-to-weight ratio, the Keystone pallet rack proves to be a reliable and enduring choice for industrial storage. By focusing on solid corners, strategic clip placement, and innovative bracing, the Keystone rack ensures a high load capacity while mitigating stress on the system. This not only enhances safety but also safeguards your valuable inventory from potential harm.

Choosing the Right Solution for Your Needs

In the world of industrial storage solutions, Keystone remains a formidable player. Its unique design and structural features make it a compelling choice for companies seeking a balance between strength, safety, and durability. Whether you currently operate a Keystone/Republic system or are exploring options for a new storage solution, the keystone pallet rack stands as a testament to reliability and innovation in the warehouse environment. Remember, the strength of your storage solution can significantly impact your operations. Consider the enduring qualities of the keystone pallet rack for a storage system that goes beyond the ordinary.

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