Used Bulk Rack

Bulk racks provide a cost-effective alternative to pallet racking, featuring welded frames and robust capacities at a lower cost. They prevent item fall-through efficiently and facilitate the segregation of large and heavy products from smaller ones. Ideal for retail outlets, warehouses, offices, and more, bulk storage racks promote organized inventory categorization while optimizing floor space.

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General Details

Bulk Racks are an excellent economical alternative to expensive pallet racking, offering all welded frames and solid capacities for a much lower cost per unit. Storage helps to eliminate item fall-through in the most efficient way possible. Bulk storage racks help to segregate large and heavier products from smaller ones, depending on your business's needs. Bulk storage racking promotes the categorization of inventory while maximizing floor space. These long-term inventory storage systems are often seen in retail outlets, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, offices, schools, and distribution centers. Used bulk rack available in 2 sizes:
  • 400 sections 48”D x 96”W x 96”H
  • 50 sections 24”D x 96”W x 96”H

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