Used Cantilever Racking

A cantilever racking system is the best option for storing long, oddly shaped items and stock. These storage systems are often referred to as lumber storage racks because they are the best type of shelf for objects of that size and shape. Lumber and other long, thin, bulky, or tube-shaped items are often hard to store or organize because of their condition and length. Cantilever systems can keep pipes, large carpets, furniture, plywood, and many other long-length items. They have even been utilized to store small cars and boats. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage. Cantilever systems are highly configurable and can easily accommodate and hold items of various lengths and sizes. The arms and uprights allow for configuring them to different dimensions. The weight capacity of a cantilever system is high, and it can often hold items that are too heavy or unsafe for other types of shelving systems.

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General Details

Efficient Storage for Long and Bulky Items

Discover the versatility of Used Cantilever Racking, the ultimate solution for efficiently storing long, oddly shaped items and stock. This system is ideal for lumber storage racks. It is designed to accommodate the challenges posed by pipes, large carpets, furniture, plywood, and more.

Tailored Configurability for Varied Dimensions

Used Cantilever rack offers unparalleled flexibility with its highly configurable design. The arms and uprights can be easily adjusted to different dimensions, allowing you to customize the storage space according to the length and size of your items. Say goodbye to the hassle of organizing long-length goods – Cantilever Racking makes it a breeze.

Indoor and Outdoor Storage Solutions

Whether you require indoor or outdoor storage, our Used Cantilever Racking is up to the task. Its robust construction ensures durability in any environment, providing a reliable solution for your storage needs. From construction sites to warehouses, this racking system optimizes space and accessibility.

High Weight Capacity for Heavy Items

Our Used Cantilever rack is a safe and reliable storage option for heavy or bulky items. Its high weight capacity makes it suitable for items that may be too heavy or unsafe for other shelving systems. Trust in the strength of our cantilever system to hold your valuable inventory securely.

Versatile Applications Beyond Traditional Storage

Cantilever Racking is a storage solution that offers limitless possibilities beyond traditional storage. Its adaptability has been showcased in various unconventional uses, such as storing small cars, boats, and other long or bulky items. This system is designed to be versatile and reliable, making it an ideal tool for your unique storage challenges. With Cantilever Racking, you're not just getting a storage solution, but an investment that will provide you with the flexibility to store items of any size, shape, or weight. Its customizable design allows you to adjust the height, width, and length of the shelves to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you need to store lumber, pipes, or any other oversized item, Cantilever Racking can handle it all. So, if you're looking for a storage solution that is both practical and adaptable, Cantilever Racking is definitely worth considering. Invest in Used Cantilever Racking today and revolutionize how you store and organize your long and bulky inventory.

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