Used Drive-Thru Racking

Drive-thru storage systems, employing the FIFO (first in, first out) method, have two entry points, allowing pallets to be loaded at one end and retrieved at the other. This setup is ideal for items with expiration dates, emphasizing shelf-life concerns. Unlike drive-in racking, drive-thru systems have an open back, allowing fork trucks to pass through. The design offers flexibility to suit warehouse needs, featuring easy assembly and a flat tread plate floor for even load distribution. Used drive-thru racking provides enhanced capacity and a FIFO inventory system, reducing labor and storage costs.

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General Details

Drive-thru storage systems, with two different entry points, use a FIFO (first in, first out) storage method. With FIFO rack systems, pallets are loaded at one end and placed back to the other, where they are then at the front of the row on the opposite side; the first pallet put into such a row is the first one taken out at the other end.  Drive-thru racking is advantageous for material with an expiration date or wherever shelf life is a major concern. Drive-thru is similar to drive-in racking, except that the back is left open and not against a wall, so that fork trucks can pass completely through the structure. A drive-thru system gives you flexibility to meet your warehouse, factory or industrial requirements. Each rack is designed for easy assembly and features an attractive flat tread plate floor for even load distribution. These racks are available with your choice of drive-in or drive-thru shelf configurations.

Used Drive-Thru Racking Benefits:

• Enhanced capacity (75% increase) • FIFO (First In First Out) inventory system reduces labor and storage costs

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