Used Rivet Racking

Rivet racking offers a quick and versatile shelving solution, ideal for lighter to medium-weight items. With accessibility on all four sides, it facilitates easy loading and unloading of various stock items. The open design suits nonsymmetrical objects, and its adaptability allows customization for any space. Whether for floor-to-ceiling storage or a professional industrial look in your shop, rivet shelving provides a practical and efficient solution.

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General Details

Rivet racking is an ideal, quickly-installed alternative to other types of shelving. It is excellent for lighter to medium-weight items and boxes. This type of shelving offers accessibility on all four sides, which makes it the ideal choice for loading and unloading different types of stock items. The four open sides also make rivet shelving suitable for nonsymmetrical boxes, cases, or objects. This shelving can be easily adapted and formulated to fit whatever space you need it for. Posts and shelf beams can be combined as long or high as you have room for. If you require floor-to-ceiling shelving, rivet shelves make an ideal choice. The steel look is professional and industrial, so that you can use it for the front or back of your shop. Dimensions: 16’H X 24″D X 48″W (Posts can be cut if needed)

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